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$390K in 3 months with no ad spend

We worked her database of 650 old customers/dead leads, and were able to get her some truly brain-breaking numbers. Our call team managed all of the followup, calls, and texts, so her team simply had to take the appointments!

Steffany Mohan, Owner, Plaza Dental
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$273K in 5 months from our system

Using FB ads, we were able to generate hundreds of
patient appointments for under $6/lead.

Carson Nail, Owner, Custom Dental of OKC
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"You are the Jedi Master of Reactivation. The force is strong with you..."

We had massive success in our roofing database reactivation campaign, extracting tons of value from their CRM with no work on their sales team.

Terry Robinson, CMO, Straightline Design, LLC
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