Finally, AI that is profitable.

We help startups to Fortune 500 companies make millions following up with their old and new leads using our HyperPersonal™ AI.

Increase Conversion Rates by >25%
Pay-Per-Booked Appointment
Performance-Based HL Agency
Custom AI Buildouts

Have thousands of leads that haven't said yes? Not anymore.

Our HyperPersonal™ AI gets 70% reply rates. Let that sink in.

HyperPersonal™ AI converses with your leads (including replies!) and nurtures them to close. It has been trained to use omni-channel communication (text, email, voicemail drops) to generate 70% reply rates from old lead lists. We do targeted, segmented remarketing campaigns to customer lists that get customers back in the door to actually buy from you.

Once they say yes, our AI conversationally books people into your calendar... and you only pay when it does.

How it works:

Map out conversation flows
We have our trained team do a deep-dive into your organization, database, and goals. Then, we map out in-depth conversation flows to know how our AI should handle messages in each conversation.
Build 2 AIs: old and new leads
Then, we go to work building your AI. We build out the campaign to reach out to your old database of leads, and where the AI should pick up in new lead sales. And if our AI doesn't know an answer, we have a ninja-trained campaign team that will respond to any messages 24/7, and within 90 seconds.
Integrate into your sales calendar
We integrate your calendar(s) into our proprietary CRM system, where the AI will push leads to book calls into. We can integrate with any CRM, and book in round-robin sales teams.
Book calls without a sales team
After we launch, we batch out our reactivation outreach to not overwhelm your sales team with calls. You only pay for each appointment we book.

But why our system?

TLDR: Results.

Our clients make BANK
One of our dental clients made $390K in 3 months (on a list of 650 leads) with NO ADS. Another made $273K in 5 months. And another $140K in 4 months. Check our results page for more.
Our agency has successfully exited
Our agency was acquired by one of the top agencies in the country with over 400 clients.
We increase conversions by >25%
Speed-to-lead is the name of the game. We are able to personalize and systematize your sales process from A-Z so you can increase conversions substantially.

What you are getting:

We are giving you the keys to unlocking millions of dollars of value that's just sitting there in your database. Your sales team doesn't want to do anything about it. Now they can.

Build out a Reactivation HyperPersonal™ AI to reactivate your database of customers through SMS, email, and voicemail.

Build out a New Lead HyperPersonal™ AI to manage your new inbound lead flow from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, cold email, and any new channels.

A ninja human-rollover team that replies within 90 seconds 24/7 (worth >$5K/mo)


Integrate with your existing CRMs and calendars

$390K in 3 months with no ad spend

We worked her database of 650 old customers/dead leads, and were able to get her some truly brain-breaking numbers. Our call team managed all of the followup, calls, and texts, so her team simply had to take the appointments!

Steffany Mohan, Owner, Plaza Dental
Booked Appointments
Return on Investment

$273K in 5 months from our system

Using FB ads, we were able to generate hundreds of
patient appointments for under $6/lead.

Carson Nail, Owner, Custom Dental of OKC
Booked appointments
Return on Investment

"You are the Jedi Master of Reactivation. The force is strong with you..."

We had massive success in our roofing database reactivation campaign, extracting tons of value from their CRM with no work on their sales team.

Terry Robinson, CMO, Straightline Design, LLC
Booked Appointments
Return on Investment

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